In June 2023, we unveiled our strategy for the coming three years. The Nordic RCC strategy outlines the overall direction for the company and addresses the actions required for us to reach our desired position.

The areas covered in the strategy are the ones that will help us make a strategic shift. Areas not described in the strategy are not deemed irrelevant or less important, but merely not considered strategic initiatives, as they do not lead to a strategic shift. Thus, Nordic RCC will continue to perform tasks, initiatives, and projects that are part of our general value creation and operation, even though they are not described here.

Nordic RCC is a small but important player in securing the Nordic power system and the green transition. It has been important for us to include all key perspectives in the formulation of the strategy, why collaboration partners with the Nordic Transmission System Operators as well as employees have been involved and provided input through interviews, team discussions, and a Sounding Board of appointed employees. The development of the strategy has ultimately been done by the management team, through multiple extensive workshops and sessions, and discussed and approved by the Board of Directors.

You can download our strategy here: Nordic RCC Strategy handout