Nordic RCC services

As the service provider for the four Nordic TSOs, the Nordic RCC is responsible for two overall functions: the provision of operationally safe and socioeconomically optimised market capacities to the power market and for supporting the safe power system operation performed by the TSOs. All of the services performed by the Nordic RCC are designed to support either one or both of these purposes.

Outage Planning Coordination (OPC) constructs an availability plan with focus on safe power system operation with the objective of minimizing the influence of the outages on the power market, while granting as many outages as possible. Short Term Adequacy forecasts (STA) provides assurance that the available production and transmission capacities are sufficient for providing the load the coming week. Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC) optimizes the safe power market capacities and the Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA) provides assurance of the market results and if needed provides operational support to the TSOs.

The RCC is also a service provider of the Common Grid Model (CGM) which constitutes the calculational base for the analysis performed in other services mentioned above, and the Nordic Common Grid Model Alignment (CGMA) process which guarantees the balanced model.

The Critical Grid Situation (CGS) service facilitates a regional or cross-regional coordination in critical grid situations.

The services are developed as regional services in close cooperation with the TSOs. The services are also pan-European services, and thus part of the services are shared with the other RCCs on a rotational basis. Further development of the services is ongoing in close cooperation in the RCC community.

Timeline for RCC services

Timeline RCC services