Coordinated Capacity Calculation

Watch the video above for a basic explanation of the service (provided by ENTSO-E and Coreso).



One of the Nordic RCC’s tasks is to calculate cross-border transmission capacities to maximise the transmission capacity offered to the market.

In the internal energy market, electricity is traded freely across borders. However, the limits of transmission capacity, i.e. the physical limitations of the transmission grid, have to be respected.

For this purpose, TSOs calculate the Net Transmission Capacities (NTC) which are available for trade across borders on the so-called interconnectors. In the future, the calculation will be based on the Flow-based methodology, which is based on the Common Grid Model (CGM). The Flow-based calculation takes into account the entire regional grid and leads to more efficient results.


Stepwise approach

The Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC) service is taken over by Nordic RCC in a stepwise approach. Today, the Nordic TSOs calculate the Net Transmission Capacities (NTC) while the Nordic RCC coordinates, delivers and verifies day-ahead (DA) capacities and verifies the results for DA flows in the Nordic Area.

With the future change to the Flow-based capacity calculation, the Nordic RCC will also calculate Flow-based capacities, based on input data from the TSOs. The Nordic RCC will continue to deliver capacities to NEMOs (Nominated Electricity Market Operators) and facilitate the verification process of DA flows. For further information, see the site on Flow-based.


Geographical scope

For the Nordic Capacity Calculation Region (CCR), the Nordic RCC provides the CCC service as described above.


In cooperation with TSCNET, Nordic RCC also provides the CCC service to the HANSA CCR. This region consists of the interconnectors from the Nordic CCR to the CORE CCR (Central Europe). In practice, Nordic RCC delivers the CCC service for the interconnectors at the Swedish-Polish border and the Danish-German border. In the future, Nordic RCC will also provide the CCC service to the interconnector at the Swedish-German border (owned by Baltic Cable AB).

The methodology for calculating capacities in CCR HANSA will be based on the so-called coordinated NTC.