Outage Planning Coordination

Watch the video above for a basic explanation of the service (provided by ENTSO-E and Coreso).



The high voltage grid must be maintained: new lines and stations are built and old are removed. Outages of the grid elements are needed to do this.

A key question doing regional operational planning is: how does the operational planning in one country affect neighboring area? Regional outage planning coordination is to facilitate that the impact is known, coordinated, and shared among the TSOs to optimize the availability of the grid and to minimize the impact on the security of supply and the market.



To fulfill this task, outage planning coordination is done for several time horizons:

  • Indicative plans for outages to be coordinated for internal relevant assets (SOGL* art 93)
  • Year ahead (Y-1) time horizon. The coordination process is to be done in regional level in October for next year, cross regional coordination in November for next year and final Pan-European outage plan must be agreed before December 1st for the next year (SOGL* art 99).
  • W-4 and W-1 time horizons. The coordination process is done weekly on regional level as well as cross-regional level.

The outage planning coordination is done on regional level and cross-regional level. Ongoing operational coordination of outages and the possible impact of the outages on the security of supply is done cross-regional in the RCC-RCC coordination. The service is described in details in cooperation of all TSOs and all RCCs in Europe, and a common IT tool is developed to support to pan-European coordination.

The RCC coordinate the process updating the list of Relevant Assets on yearly basis (SOGL* art 86 & 88) before July 1st. The updating of relevant assets is the responsibility of the TSOs and the regional and cross regional coordination is done by the RCCs.

All Outage Planning Coordination operational tasks is shared by the RCCs on rotational basis.

The product of the Coordinated Outage Planning is the first input for the other services. Outage planning will impact the possibilities to exchanges power and thereby impact the Short Term Adequacy (STA). Outage planning is also the first planning process as a basis for the Common Grid Model (CGM). Furthermore, outage plans are input to the possible remedial actions used in the Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA) service.

The OPC service is described in SOGL* art 82-103.

*SOGL: System Operation Guideline