Nordic RCC unveils strategy

Thursday 22 June 2023, the CEO of Nordic RCC, Henrik Kofod, unveiled the strategy of Nordic RCC for 2023-2026, just short of the company’s 1-year anniversary as an independent company on 1 July 2023.

Nordic RCC has been through an intense period of service development and implementation, as well as maturation and growth of the organisation. In this process, focus have been on providing what is in the scope of the legally mandated services for the Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSO) which constitutes the current position. Nordic RCC has a good strategic starting point, but also a potential for enhancing the capabilities of the organisation in several areas.

The Nordic RCC strategy outlines the overall direction for the company and addresses the actions required for us to reach our desired position.

Nordic RCC is a small but important player in securing the Nordic power system and the green transition. Nordic RCC is part of an interrelated value chain, where the tasks performed are dependent on input from Nordic TSOs. The value provided through these tasks to TSOs is ultimately for society and transcends Nordic RCC and even the Nordic borders. Due to the dependencies with and impact on the ecosystem, key TSO stakeholders have been involved and asked for input during the strategy process. It has been important for Nordic RCC to include all key perspectives in the formulation of the strategy, why employees have been involved and provided input through team discussions and a Sounding Board of appointed employees. The development of the strategy has ultimately been done by the management team, through multiple extensive workshops and sessions, and discussed and approved by the Board of Directors. The entire process has been running from January to June 2023.

Henrik Kofod, CEO of Nordic RCC says: ‘It is thrilling to finally be able to present the results of what my team and I have been working on these past 6 months. I am very happy to see that the employees seemed to follow and be engaged by the strategy. However, this has just been preparation and now the real work begins with implementing the strategy everywhere in the organisation and performing the initiatives that will get us to our desired position. I am very eager to work together with all the talented employees of Nordic RCC towards a shared vision and goal.’

As you can hear, we are excited to work towards our vision of ‘Bridging Nordic power systems to enable the green energy transition’.

You can read more about the strategy here on Nordic RCC’s strategy site .