EU Coordination


The power systems of the European countries are highly connected with and dependent on one another. There is no way to stop electrons at the border. Managing one’s grid means coordinating actions with your neighbours.

With the energy transition, the power systems are becoming ever more integrated and are going through massive changes in meeting ambitious climate goals. This calls for even closer cooperation between national TSOs and RCCs across the whole of Europe.

The Nordic RCC works closely together with European TSOs and other RCCs within ENTSO-E and other fora.


There are six Regional Coordination Centres (RCCs) across Europe:

  • Nordic RCC based in Copenhagen
  • TSCNET Services based in Munich
  • Coreso based in Brussels
  • SCC based in Serbia
  • Baltic RSC served from the three national control centres
  • Selene CC based in Greeece

Learn more about the European RCCs and how the European countries are connected on ENTSO-E’s website.