Whistleblower Programme

The Nordic RCC whistleblower programme ensures that employees, trainees, shareholders, business partners and others swiftly and confidentially can report serious offences or other serious matters, through a special, independent, and autonomous channel.

Offences that are not comprised by Nordic RCC’s whistleblower programme must be reported through ordinary communication channels. The whistleblowing system must not be used for deliberately false accusations and no deliberately untrue information may be reported.

How to submit a report?

Nordic RCC has appointed Plesner Law Firm who will receive the reports and be in contact with the whistleblower. Plesner Law Firm will forward the report to a Nordic RCC appointed whistleblower unit who will perform the internal investigation and follow up on the reports; as well asgive feedback to the whistleblower.

Written reports are submitted through Plesner Law Firms' Whistleblower Portal:

You have the option of including your name in the report. Nordic RCC encourages the whistleblower to state his or her name when submitting a report, to clarify questions and subsequently provide feedback on the further course of the investigation.

All reports are treated with the highest level of confidentiality, and it is entirely up to you to decide whether you wish to remain fully or partially anonymous.

Read the full Whistleblower Policy here.

Read the Privacy Policy for the Whistleblower Arrangement here.