Nordic CGMA Go Live

The 2nd of July the Nordic Common Grid Model Alignment (NCGMA) entered operations after more than two years of service development. The inhouse developed software Condense is from now on daily scheduled to deliver a set of data necessary for the creation of the D-2 CGM. Aligned net positions for each Nordic bidding zone and power flow for each corridor to and from the Nordic bidding zones, both HVDC and AC, are produced in the NCGMA process. As the balanced set of D-2 IGMs is a prerequisite for the creation of the D-2 CGM, the very base for the flow based and CNTC calculations, the success of the NCGMA has a huge impact on the continuous implementation project of the Nordic RSC.

The go live of the NCGMA does however not mean that the final NCGMA solution is implemented. Instead this marks the service transition from being a project development into a stage of operational development, were quality improvement of the results and the operational routines are the highest priorities.

This great achievement was made possible by continuous efforts by the RSC NCGMA Service Delivery Team (SDT) together with the TSO NCGMA SDT, the development-, integration-, security- and testing teams at the RSC and TSOs.