Nordic RCC A/S inaugurated on 1 July 2022

Friday 1 July 2022 marks the first day of Nordic RCC A/S. The predecessor, Nordic RSC, was established in 2016 as a joint office for Statnett, Svenska Kraftnät, Fingrid and Energinet and hosted by Energinet. Following new EU regulation, Nordic RCC is now inaugurated as an independent company, managed by a CEO and a Board of Directors and owned by the four Nordic TSOs. Employees, assets and activities have been transferred from Nordic RSC to Nordic RCC A/S on 1 July 2022.

Nordic RCC will still serve the same purpose for the green transition: to support the national TSOs in optimizing the availability for the power market of the Nordic grid and in maintaining the operational security of the power systems. In addition, during the coming years, Nordic RCC will also offer several new services according to the EU Electricity regulation.

Henrik Kofod, CEO of Nordic RCC A/S, says: ‘The power systems in the Nordic area and in Europe in general are becoming increasingly integrated and are going through massive changes in meeting ambitious climate goals. This calls for greater collaboration between national TSOs. Nordic RCC embodies this strong collaboration both in the Nordic Region and with other European RCCs and TSOs. The collaboration enables the internal energy market in Europe and maintains reliable power supply now and in the future.’

The Board of Directors consists of Marina Louhija (chair, Fingrid), Kristin Lucie Munthe (Statnett), Erik Ek (Svenska Kraftnät) and Nicolaj Nørgaard Peulicke (Energinet). The Board members bring complementing competencies within regulatory, data and digitalisation, markets and system operation.

Henrik Kofod, CEO of Nordic RCC A/S
Nordic RCC Board of Directors, from left: Nicolaj Nørgaard Peulicke (Energinet), Kristin Lucie Munthe (Statnett), Marina Louhija (chair, Fingrid), and Erik Ek (Svenska Kraftnät)

Around 60 employees and external consultants support the operation of Nordic RCC’s current services and the development of new services. While there will be a new governance structure in place for the Nordic RCC, there will be no immediate changes in the daily interactions between the TSOs and the Nordic RCC.

On behalf of the Nordic TSOs, Marina Louhija thanks Nordic RSC’s Daily Manager, Jens Møller Birkebæk, for more than five years of tireless efforts in building up Nordic RSC and delivering valuable data-driven services to the Nordic TSOs. Jens will continue working for Energinet.

Further information:
Michala Ehlers Rasmussen, Head of Business Support, Nordic RCC, or tel. +45 61 48 84 77

The Nordic RCC office is located in Copenhagen Towers, close to Copenhagen Airport.