Nordic RSC goes live with Cross-regional SMTA

The Nordic RSC goes live with the first of five services, Short and Medium Term Adequacy (SMTA) starting with the cross-regional service.

For the next four weeks, the Nordic RSC will act as the Adequacy Alignment Agent (AAA) on a weekly basis for the European TSOs. Following these four weeks, the Nordic RSC will function as backup AAA. This is based on a jointly agreed shift schedule between the five European RSCs.

What does this mean? 
The Nordic RSC will perform quality check of inputs, perform deterministic and probabilistic calculation of the adequacy situation and finally distribute a report assessing the adequacy situation in the pan-European area.

As always in operational routines, the role of the backup AAA is to ensure that the adequacy analysis is performed even if the main AAA experiences blocking issues.

Value for the TSOs
SMTA gives an overview of the adequacy forecasts in Europe on a weekly basis, giving the TSOs a better basis for decision making.

By getting input to regional adequacy assessments from a pan-European overview in same level of granularity, this makes the results directly comparable region by region.

Nordic vs European
While the Nordic RSC participates in the European service, the development of the Nordic SMTA service is ongoing. The Nordic SMTA will give more in depth and more updated adequacy forecasts