Nordic RSC goes live with Pan-European OPC

On 26th of April, the Nordic RSC went live with the Pan-European version of the service Outage Planning Coordination.

Nordic RSC monitors and follows the Pan-European process where the preliminary availability plans are created by merging the outage plans from all TSO’s, a load-flow calculation of the Pan-European system is done and if any outage planning incompatibilities are discovered, this is managed by the RSC for the actual region. Finally, the system delivers a final availability plan. The process starts Wednesday at 12.00 and is finalized Friday at 14.00.

What does this mean? 
Nordic RSC was responsible for coordinating the OPC service in Europe from 26th of April to 27th of May. This was done by monitoring the process and make sure the correct files were created and sent. If something goes wrong, the RSC in charge is responsible to make sure it is corrected and the process can be finalized.

Value for the TSOs
The Pan-European OPC service ensures that the TSOs in the Nordics have a better understanding of the outages in neighboring TSOs that may affect their operations. Furthermore, it is important to get experiences from the Pan-European outage planning coordination to use this experience in the regional coordination in the Nordic area.

Nordic vs European
While the Nordic RSC participates in the European service, the development of the Nordic OPC service is ongoing. The Nordic OPC will give more in depth and more updated availability plans ensuring that outages are coordinated optimally. The Nordic OPC service is ongoing in the weekly process, where the outages are coordinated on a regional level on a weekly meeting.