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31 Aug 2022: The starting date for the 3-month evaluation period will be reset

The Simulation Facility (SF) upgrade that started in early June 2022 is still in progress. Due to the unavailability of the SF, it has not been possible to perform any market simulations for the Nordic EPR during the 3-months evaluation period that started on the 5th of June 2022. Therefore, the Nordic CCM project has decided to reset the starting date of the 3-months evaluation period. We will inform you about the new starting date as soon as the SF is back in operation to continue the market simulations for the Nordic EPR.

18 Aug 2022: New simulation results file for week 15 published

Due to erroneous and missing net position data in the simulation results for week 15 a new results file was created and uploaded.

12 Aug 2022: Resimulation need for weeks 16-18

Due to missing input data in the simulations for week 16, 17 and 18, they need to be re-simulated. Results will be published on the website when simulation facility is back in operation and data has been simulated again.

5 Jul 2022: Information on publication of parallel run data during summer 2022

The EPR Market reports for week 14 and 15 market will be published in mid-July. No additional market reports will be published during the summer period. Simulation Facility (SF) is undergoing extended maintenance after an upgrade to version 4.0, causing delays in running simulations. After the upgrade, it will be essential to test and validate the SF in order to operate it for the the Nordic EPR. SF is as of now still not available for Nordic EPR operations. The relevant Nordic RCC/TSO personnel required to test and validate the upgraded version are now on summer vacation.

31 May 2022: Data on physical flows and scheduled exchanges removed from the SF output data files for weeks 10-15

The physical flow data and scheduled exchanges data has been removed from the SF output data result files for weeks 10 to 15 due to an error. We are investigating the root cause and will provide you with an update as soon as we have resolved the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience.

7 Mar 2022: Start of external parallel run for the delivery day of 8 March 2022

The Nordic TSOs and the Nordic RSC jointly decided to start the external parallel run (EPR) of the Nordic flow-based methodology.