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17 Apr 2023: Public online consultation on the EPR evaluation report + hybrid stakeholder meeting 3 May

The Nordic TSO:s welcome all stakeholders to provide input to the EPR evaluation report through a public online consultation. Please note that all input to the consultation must go via the dedicated consultation page. All responses must be submitted no later than 17 May 00:00 CET, 2023.
Consultation period: 17 April –17 May, 00:00 CET, 2023

During the consultation period there will also be a hybrid stakeholder meeting: 3 May 9.30-15.30 CET.
Meeting material is available under Documents & Presentations

14 Apr 2023: New format to the CCM EPR market report + New version of Phenomenon report

From week 11 forwards, the weekly Market report will be condensed into two pages. The report still contains the same kind of information as before, but the format provides a better overview of the graphs and the relevant results. Please note that the Market report Annex remains unchanged.
For the Nordic CCM market reports please visit Simulation results

Also, a new version of the Phenomena report was published (revision 11 April 2023). The Phenomenon report is available under Simulation results.

31 Mar 2023: First version of CCM EPR Handbook published

The handbook is to provide additional support to all stakeholders in utilising the data from the external parallel run (EPR) and to prepare for go-live of flow-based in the Nordics. Please note that this handbook will be updated and extended during the EPR.
Read the Handbook!

20 Jan 2023: 3-month NRA reporting period to start on 12 December 2022

The quality of the External Parallel Run (EPR)-process is now sufficient for the NRA reporting period to start on 12 December 2022 (i.e. week 50). A three-month period to comply with the NRA KPIs is required until the project can continue into the final period of the EPR. The previously communicated go-live window - Q1 2024 at the earliest - remains unchanged.

The project parties would like to thank you for your continuous support and highly-appreciated patience with the project, which takes us into a promising 2023. We regret being unable to deliver the EPR results in accordance with the NRA KPIs earlier. The project parties are committed to continuing to improve the delivery of these results according to the regulatory KPI requirements.

Due to technical issues, the Simulation Facility could not be used for market simulations by NEMOs and TSOs from the second half of 2022. Instead, NEMOs are now delivering market results using an alternative setup for the EPR, mitigating the challenges caused by the unavailability of the Simulation Facility.

18 Nov 2022: Go-live of Nordic flow-based CCM delayed to Q1 2024

The project parties involved in the implementation of the flow-based (FB) capacity calculation methodology (CCM) in the Nordics confirm a delay of the project. Go-live will be, at the earliest, in Q1 2024. Simulation results from the external parallel run are expected in January 2023, at the earliest.

The Nordic TSOs and NEMOs have encountered challenges in conducting the external parallel run (EPR) according to schedule. This is due to the prolonged unavailability of the market Simulation Facility used to calculate results and also to stability issues in the coordinated capacity calculation. The former has caused an extended interruption of FB market simulations, while the latter has triggered non-compliance with National Regulatory Authorities’ key performance indicators .

Consequently, TSOs and NEMOs have reassessed the timeline and concluded that the earliest possible go-live will be Q1 2024.

Alternative solution will provide market results in early 2023
Due to technical issues, the Simulation Facility could not be used by NEMOs and TSOs in the second half of 2022. NEMOs are now offering an alternative solution for the EPR, which will mitigate the challenges caused by the unavailability of the Simulation Facility.

As soon as the Simulation Facility is back in operation, calculation support for the EPR will be retransferred back to this primary tool.

Preliminary indications places a possible start of the alternative calculation support at November or early December 2022. Stakeholders can expect the first available FB market results based on the alternative solutions in January 2023, at the earliest.

7 Nov 2022: Consultation closed

The on-line consultation on the on the CCR Nordic TSOs’ proposal on the Balancing Timeframe Capacity Calculation Methodology is closed. No further comments can be made.

7 Oct 2022: Open on-line consultation on the CCR Nordic TSOs’ proposal on the Balancing Timeframe Capacity Calculation Methodology + webinar 27 October

Stakeholders and market participants are invited to provide input on the NordicTSO proposal for the Balancing Timeframe Capacity Calculation Methodology. The proposal covers the Capacity Calculation Methodology for the Balancing Timeframe for the Nordic Capacity Calculation Region.  The proposal is subject to consultation in accordance with Article 10 of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing.

Consultation period: 7 Oct - 7 Nov 2022

More information on the consultation as well as related documents are available on the event page on the ENTSO-E web 

The webinar will focus on the BT CCM and the consultation on the TSOs proposal. The webinar is open to all stakeholders, no registration nescessary. It will be held in English.

Time: 27 October 2022 at 14:00-15:00 CET

31 Aug 2022: The starting date for the 3-month evaluation period will be reset

The Simulation Facility (SF) upgrade that started in early June 2022 is still in progress. Due to the unavailability of the SF, it has not been possible to perform any market simulations for the Nordic EPR during the 3-months evaluation period that started on the 5th of June 2022. Therefore, the Nordic CCM project has decided to reset the starting date of the 3-months evaluation period. We will inform you about the new starting date as soon as the SF is back in operation to continue the market simulations for the Nordic EPR.

18 Aug 2022: New simulation results file for week 15 published

Due to erroneous and missing net position data in the simulation results for week 15 a new results file was created and uploaded.

12 Aug 2022: Resimulation need for weeks 16-18

Due to missing input data in the simulations for week 16, 17 and 18, they need to be re-simulated. Results will be published on the website when simulation facility is back in operation and data has been simulated again.

5 Jul 2022: Information on publication of parallel run data during summer 2022

The EPR Market reports for week 14 and 15 market will be published in mid-July. No additional market reports will be published during the summer period. Simulation Facility (SF) is undergoing extended maintenance after an upgrade to version 4.0, causing delays in running simulations. After the upgrade, it will be essential to test and validate the SF in order to operate it for the the Nordic EPR. SF is as of now still not available for Nordic EPR operations. The relevant Nordic RCC/TSO personnel required to test and validate the upgraded version are now on summer vacation.

31 May 2022: Data on physical flows and scheduled exchanges removed from the SF output data files for weeks 10-15

The physical flow data and scheduled exchanges data has been removed from the SF output data result files for weeks 10 to 15 due to an error. We are investigating the root cause and will provide you with an update as soon as we have resolved the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience.

7 Mar 2022: Start of external parallel run for the delivery day of 8 March 2022

The Nordic TSOs and the Nordic RSC jointly decided to start the external parallel run (EPR) of the Nordic flow-based methodology.